Boarding Action

During the 140 year conflict known as The Gurant War, the Gurant Empire utilized gargantuan battleships centuries more advanced than anything the Peldak Protectorate could produce.

Despite this, the Protectorate held the advantage in space due a race known as the sayran, which could manipulate the cosmic energy of the universe and turn it into a deadly weapon.

On a mission to board a Gurant battleship and cripple it from the inside, the sayran known as Zahra carves a bloody path through the decks on her way to slay the captain. The captain is a dangerous man, but Zahra will do anything in her power to slay him, as she made a deal. If she brings the gurant’s head to the peldak officer leading the operation, he’ll give her the ultimate prize… a smooch on the cheek.

Note: This story is intentionally cringe in a lot of ways, but I find it hilarious. If you don’t like that kind of humor, you probably won’t like this.

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