The Protectorate

For thousands of years, the galaxy sat in a dark age of primitivism and savagery. The old galactic empires were dead and long forgotten, its people scattered and isolated, unable to reach the stars and reclaim their lost glories. The old, arcane magic that once allowed faster than light travel became a lost art, unable to be rediscovered due to a scar upon the fabric of reality itself.

In the midst of this dark age sat the world of Peldor, a rogue planet which did not orbit a star, and was thus trapped in a literal time of darkness. 
The inhabitants were the violent, aggressive, murderous peldaks, and they were among the most affected by the cruelty which spread through the stars. Despite being immortal and not aging past their prime, nobody knew this truth of their biology for most of their largely-unrecorded history, simply by virtue of the fact that nobody lived long enough to figure out they didn’t age.

But through the direct intervention of their God, and the timely arrival of His angels, and even His Son, the peldaks were slowly able to calm down and settle their racial bloodlust. A man known as King Arus then arose and spent nearly three millennia conquering the planet, spending the light of God’s morality and civilization to every corner of Peldor.

A peldak soldier enjoying lunch after a fine morning of pillaging. (Art by VioMonRia)

As if by providence, far away, on the distant world of Sayar, the nomadic sayran regained access to their arcane magics. It took as many millennia for the sayran to develop their powers into a usable form, but they always knew that something was waiting for them, out amidst the stars. When the first sayran ship, propelled by magic, found Peldor, they quickly made friends with the now-civilized inhabitants.

Now free of their cursed homeworld, yet still trapped in a dark galaxy, the peldaks see it as their moral and spiritual duty to continue King Arus’s crusade. It is their destiny to bring their enlightened civilization to all worlds in the galaxy. But they can’t escape their troubled heritage. Warlike and stubborn, peldaks fundamentally can’t doubt the righteousness of their vision, and have a firm belief that any who would resist their expansion deserved to be crushed under their boots.

A peldak's ideal vacation is enlisting for another term of service. (Art by VioMonRia)

Still, God taught them to be magnanimous in victory, and in their rule. It’s undeniably true that most of the people they come across have their lives fundamentally improved after the peldaks take over. The dark ages impacted everyone, no matter the world. One such example, the firryans, had been enslaved for the better part of two thousand years. Another example, the iseio, are besieged by snow demons every winter and benefit greatly from the peldak garrisons.

The flag of the Peldak Protectorate (Art by VioMonRia)

The story of the Peldak Protectorate is the story of righteous men carving a civilization from the darkness of the galaxy. It’s the story of the people who live inside it’s ever-expanding borders. It’s the story of monsters being slain, demons being banished, and souls being redeemed.

The Protectorate stands eternal.