Street To Street

When the Gurant Empire invades the island city of Mae Hiarin, the brave soldiers of the Peldak Protectorate stand to face them. The fighting is fierce and the Protectorate makes the empire pay for every inch in blood, but the gurant, who rule the endless hordes of their Empire, are more than willing to pay any price needed.

In the midst of this chaos, civilians flee in panic, communications have broken down, widespread looting erupts, the Protectorate forces are scattered, and the Empire’s devious plan seems to go exactly as they wanted.

In the nightmarish battle for the city between these two great nations, a man named Gamon must travel across the battle-scarred streets and make sure his family has escaped safely. He can’t help the Protectorate, or affect the battle in any real way. All he can do is keep his head down and find his wife and children.

Art by VioMonRia
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