Street To Street: Prologue

In the year 888, the Peldak Protectorate began a desperate fight for its survival.

The enormous Gurant Empire had set its sights on the fertile worlds under the dominion of the Protectorate, and refused to be halted in their never-ending conquest across the stars. Their typical strategy is to arrive on a planet, quickly establish a portal-gate using their arcane, long forgotten sciences, then pour an endless tide of men and materials onto the planet until the defenders break. This has been their method of expansion for millennia, and it hasn’t steered them wrong. Thousands of worlds now suffer under their boot.

It is now the year 913, and the Protectorate buckles under the weight of a dozen worlds under assault, and thousands of fires needing to be put out. But there is hope.

Despite their enemy’s advanced technology and numberless hordes, the Protectorate has an undeniable advantage in space warfare. They have, thus far, prevented hundreds of invasions before even a single gurant touched the ground. This is all thanks to the mystical, cosmic powers of the sayran people, and the renowned ship builders of the monsoorai.

The world of Monsoo, one of the Protectorate’s founding worlds, has long perfected the art of shipbuilding. A tropical world of endless archipelagos, both sides understand Monsoo’s importance to the war effort, and both sides know the war could be decided there.

The peldaks —architects and chief defenders of the Protectorate— have invested heavily in turning the world into a fortress. It’s simply impossible for the gurant to land and build their portal before being overwhelmed and destroyed. Monsoo is a beacon of safety and abundance for the Protectorate, and its people can feel safe under the watchful eye of the peldaks.

But the limitless resources of the Gurant Empire cannot be underestimated. If Monsoo cannot be captured with the usual tactics, then its manufacturing capabilities will be destroyed. In a suicidal attack, thousands of gurant, and millions of their nameless, enslaved soldiers, were sent on a one-way trip to Monsoo to fight a brutal guerrilla campaign among the jungle islands. Assassinations, sabotage, ambush, bombings, for over a year, the peldaks have been unable to root out these hostile forces from the planet, and there exists no sign of a resolution on the horizon.

The cities and islands which had once been among the safest places in the Protectorate now lie gripped with fear and uncertainty. When will the next attack come? Who will die in it? Despite the danger, the production of warships can’t be halted, lest the Protectorate’s fleets be worn down, and the Gurant Empire gain a free path to whichever world they wish.

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