Hemlock Artillery

In the year 80, the Peldak Protectorate, discovered a dead world.

A sea of poisoned clouds hangs heavy across the suface, an impenetrable barrier of death and disease. The only break in the death cloud comes from the various mile-high skyscrapers, and the rare Atmospheric Building Complex, gargantuan structures of buildings stacked atop each other, with the tallest spires reaching all the way into space.

Clinging to survival in one such ‘abis’, as the locals call it, is the tribe of hemlock. Full of strong warriors, seemingly resistant to the plague native to this world, but who are constantly besieged by the mutants which dwell in the depths of the abis, beneath the cloud.

After a quick and amicable encounter with the hemlock, the peldaks have moved onto the world and are helping secure it from the monsters.

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