I’m Richard Percival and writing has been a hobby of mine ever since middle school. When I lost my job in early 2022 due to the vaccine mandate, I decided to write full time and try to make a career out of it.

I’m a Christian, I was born in America, and I’m also sick of woke politics, subtle or overt, infecting all my hobbies. People often say we should just make our own franchises, so that’s what I’m doing, creating a science fantasy setting for ‘my people’.

I think Star Wars is the best fictional universe of all time. My favorite games are Halo and Mass Effect. I’m a fan of manga and Helck is the best one out there.  I try to go to the gym four times a week. I like reading about history.

The setting I’m building is called ‘The Protectorate Stands Eternal’ (TPSE for short), and my goal is to tell the best stories I possibly can. Woke products often fail because they’re too preoccupied pushing their politics instead of selling a good product. Ergo, so long as I focus on quality and commit to improving my craft, I hope to give you stories you can enjoy.

Beyond politics, nobody is making the kind of universes I want to see, so it’s up to me to do it myself. I prefer long timelines stretching thousands of years, full of important events and dates throughout. I also like government functions and background details. The more in-depth a setting goes with the minute details, the more I like it. In-universe politics and diplomacy is also fascinating.

However, I also like personal stories, focusing on specific characters and their struggles. ‘Defeat the villain and save the city/planet/galaxy/universe’ bores me, to be honest, especially if it’s obvious that the good guys will win. That’s why I named my setting The Protectorate Stands Eternal. You know the Protectorate will win whatever conflict they’re engaged in, so the focus is on the characters involved in making that victory possible.

Luke Skywalker rushing to Bespin to save his friends is infinitely more interesting than blowing up the 15th planet-killing superweapon.

Beyond that, I hope you enjoy my stories. If not, I hope you leave feedback so I can improve.

Have a good day.